No Bacon Sandwich On Flight, Grandfather Loses It

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

It's a thoughtful grandfather who wants to buy his granddaughter a bacon sandwich on an airplane flight. But it's different kind of grandfather who loses his rag when he can't get what he wants.

Tui Airways pax Ronald James, 68, shouted at cabin crew after being denied a bacon roll – the English also call this fat-filled favourite a bacon sarnie, bacon bap or bacon butty – and demanded to see the captain. After learning the captain was busy flying the airplane, the man's rage intensified, leaving one crew member in tears.

Exeter Magistrates' Court heard the row broke out because James had promised his grand-daughter a bacon roll and became angry when he was told the aircraft had no hot food.

James became agitated when the flight from Palma was just 25 minutes reaching its destination, and refused to sit down during landing, the court was told.

James admitted behaving in a threatening, abusive, insulting or disorderly manner and was fined about $400 and ordered to pay a total of $175 in compensation to the two cabin crew.

The BBC reported that James – representing himself – told magistrates: "We had no breakfast, my granddaughter had been pushing for something to eat, and I said wait until we are on the plane."

After buying beef burgers that were "dried out," he was given a refund, but said it "wasn't enough." He said he wanted to speak to the captain to suggest that customers should be warned at check-in that there would be "no hot food."

"I was not a happy customer – I wish I had not been on the plane and I wish it had not run out of food," he added.

Bruce Parkinson

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hanna - July 24, 2018 @ 11:50
Considering it's possibly a 2 1/2 hr flight, and Tui Airlines, I'm very surprised he didn't expect a champagne meal with truffles and caviar.

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