Egyptian Zoo Denies Painting Stripes On Donkey To Make It A Zebra

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The real thing.

Mahmoud Sarhan with what he believes is a donkey painted to look like a zebra.

A zoo in Cairo denies having painted stripes on a donkey to pass it off to patrons as a zebra, despite overwhelming evidence that someone has performed this trick.

Zoo spokesperson Mohammad Sultan insists that the beast is a zebra, but a number of vets have said that they believe it is a painted donkey despite Sultan’s insistence that it isn’t a fake.

Mahmoud Sarhan, 18, an Egyptian student, posted photos online after visiting the zoo at Cairo’s International Garden.

The zoo animal has long pointy ears and a small frame like a donkey. It doesn’t have a zebra’s black nose. Experts, and people who know donkeys, say that’s because it is a donkey. The pictures went viral, prompting animal experts to confirm that there’s no way it could be a zebra.Some of its stripes were even smudged.

At last report, however, the new zoo, which opened earlier this year in a park east of downtown Cairo, is sticking to its story – and possibly making an ass of itself in the process.

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