Pax Finds Stash Of Cash In QF Seat Pocket

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

When Open Jaw dares to put a hand in the seat pocket on an aircraft, we usually find someone’s disgusting, discarded chewing gum. But a pax rummaging in the seat pocket on a Qantas flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles found a big stash of cash – and nobody has claimed it.

The find of $1900 was made on 22JUL on flight QF94, according to a QF spokesperson.

The passenger who made the discovery will get none of the cash, however. Instead of pocketing it, the honest soul reported the find and handed the wad of bills to the cabin crew.

Nobody on the flight stepped forward to claim the money and inquiries by Qantas have so far proved fruitless.

The airline has alerted the Australian Federal Police and is holding onto the money “waiting for its owner to claim it,” the spokesman said.

“If it’s not claimed after three months, the money will be donated to UNICEF.” 

UNICEF, the United National children’s fund, benefits from loose change in foreign currency that Qantas passengers drop into envelopes aboard. So in the end, the passenger’s honesty will be rewarded – with good karma at least.

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