Airbnb Launches Great Wall Of China Sleepover Contest

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Considered one of the top architectural marvels of all time, the Great Wall of China draws millions of travellers each year. And now, for the first time in thousands of years, it will host open-air sleepovers. But only for a lucky few. 

Home rental website Airbnb has just launched a new contest called "Night at the Great Wall," in which four people and their guests will sleep in a custom-designed "home" set in one of the UNESCO-listed structure's towers. 

As CNN reports, judging by the photos of the set-up provided by Airbnb, the once-in-a-lifetime experience will be quite spectacular -- provided it doesn't rain.

At sunset, guests will enjoy a multi-course gourmet dinner inspired by various facets of Chinese culture accompanied by a traditional Chinese music experience.

The next morning, they'll set out on a sunrise hike though the countryside and learn about the Great Wall from official historians. Other activities include Chinese seal-engraving and calligraphy, both part of Airbnb's Experiences program. 

The point of this campaign? According to a statement by Airbnb, the contest will showcase the Great Wall to the world and promote sustainable tourism to China by spotlighting wide ranging efforts to preserve the Wall's deep heritage and bring Chinese culture to life. 

Winners will be flown in to Beijing from anywhere in the world but those hoping to be among the lucky four need to move fast. The contest closes 11AUG and winners need to be free to travel from 3-9SEPT. 

Entrants have to answer the following questions in 550 characters or less: "Why is it more important now than ever to break down barriers between cultures? How would you want to build new connections?" 

A panel of judges will select the winners based on their responses. 


Bruce Parkinson - August 9, 2018 @ 08:11
Good point Sue -- but it doesn't matter now. Airbnb has cancelled the contest after criticism that it could cause damage to the wall -- that has been standing for centuries.

Sue - August 7, 2018 @ 12:42
Nice... except Canada is not on the list of countries eligible to enter :(

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