Flashing Dissent: Politician Exposes His Protest To Cruise Ships

Graeme Peto, Open Jaw

Anti-cruise sentiment seems to be catching on in Norway where one not-very-prudish politician stripped down to show off a little more than his anger at cruise liners.

Svein Ingvald Opdal, a 71-year-old politician from Norway’s Green Party, was recently photographed flashing it all to a cruise ship in the village of Olden.

“We arrived at Olden earlier on Wednesday and we immediately came upon three major cruises ships,” he told state broadcaster NRK. “We later realized there were 11,000 [cruise ship visitors] in total, and I'm not all that thrilled about these big cruise ships."

Opdal then made the rational decision to remove his clothes and strike a pose for the next ship that cruised into town. The politician’s wife took the photograph but was (understandably) too embarrassed to post it to social media. Opdal claimed that his protest was “a spontaneous act" that he did mostly "for fun." 

Opdal’s naked protest is just an extra small part of a growing backlash against mass tourism and river cruises. The town of Olden is just one or many destinations struggling to strike a balance between the needs of local residents and Europe's thriving tourist industry.

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