Man In Tinkerbell Dress Kicked Off Flight

Open Jaw

Since when is a Tinkerbell dress not suitable flight attire? This past Friday, a man dressed as a fan-favourite fairy was ejected from a Ryanair flight for yet another "disruptive behaviour" incident.

The jury is out on whether it was the dress or the behaviour. 

Passengers onboard the Krakow bound flight witnessed Essex police escort off two men, including one wearing a green dress and fairy wings, just before takeoff. Officers said the pair "were co-operative on being asked to leave the aircraft" and luckily, weren't arrested. 

Many blame the booze, but the carrier was quick to condemn the airport. The blame probably lies with Walt Disney for creating such a wearable character. 

According to Ryanair, in order to limit further costumed shenanigans, airports must recognize their duty "to curb excessive drinking and the problems it creates, rather than allowing passengers to drink to excess before their flights." 

The Walt Disney Company has yet to comment. 

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