Millennial Bait: Hawaii Hotel Installs Selfie Backdrops

Open Jaw

Considered a skittish market, millennials can also be profitable. So one Hawaii hotel decided to appeal to legendary millennial vanity by installing selfie backdrops. 

Ta dah! Instant Instagram promotion.

The 135-room Shoreline Hotel Waikiki has recently completed a 4 million dollar redesign that aims to attract photo-frenzied millennials. The hotel's new "neon meets nature" theme (whatever that means) boasts eight photo backdrops for every shameless, social media need.

On top of the backdrops, the hotel now features many other photogenic spaces and art fixtures, including a neon "aloha sign" (because Hawaii) behind its front desk and the wall of colourful Panama hats (because you can never have too many hats). 

Seaside Waikiki Hotel Fund LLC purchased the property from United Airlines in 2012, leading to years of extensive renovation and reopenings. One can't imagine anyone (even a millennial) prioritizing a selfie backdrop over a quality vacation experience. 

Besides, it's Honolulu. Everybody knows that beach-side selfies are free. 

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