Gender Bender: Airline Labels Boy Pax As Pilots And Girls As FA’s

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Stickers and activity books are a great way to distract kids during a long flight - unless they highlight the gender gap in the world's airline industries. 

TUI Airways is being accused of blatant sexism when, during a recent flight, boys were given Future Captain stickers, while girls were given Future Cabin Crew stickers.  

The airline is charged with "encouraging gender stereotypes" after the labels were handed out as part of activity packs for child travellers. 

Many are describing the incident as "deeply sexist" and just another example of systemic gender stereotyping, and many passengers took to social media to express their displeasure. 

TUI Airways said that it had never intended to distribute the stickers based on gender and described the incident as a "simple mix-up". 

However you want to view it, one thing remains clear: in today's highly social-political world, not even stickers are safe. 


Melissa - August 24, 2018 @ 11:58
I'm going to hope that this was an honest mistake by the airline, and especially if the group of kids getting stickers was small, the odds aren't that astronomical. Regarding that last sentence, though, I think you're off base here. This issue is not political, but it is social. It's low stakes, for sure, but it's moments like this that build up our patriarchal society. If we don't call out even the smallest of concerns where girls are told they should aim low, and only boys get top positions (or ones involving math), then we never correct the trend. By never introducing kids to the idea that there are "girl jobs" and "boy jobs," the goal is to eliminate the idea altogether. It takes every little opportunity to consciously correct our own bias and give all genders a level playing field, so that they can compete on merit, not on rigged rules. This isn't in the interest of liberal politics, it's in the interest of gender equality, which should be the goal of any progressive society.

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