DonAir – The Tasty Nova Scotia Airline That Isn’t Real

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

What do you get when the creators of the Donair Cam and Chubby, a 4.5-metre snowman, collaborate? An airline.

DonAir offers Albertans the chance to “experience Halifax for as low as $7 from Alberta” — but there’s a catch. You don’t fly to Nova Scotia’s capital to do so. And there is no airline.

The fake carrier, launched by King of Donair’s Nicholas Nahas and Halifax creative agency Wunder’s Stephen Flynn and Mike Postma, has been running seat-sale-like ads across social media.

When you click, you’re redirected to DonAir’s website ( — complete with flight dates, terminal details, offers and videos.

DonAir also offers more legroom, bilingual services and no seatbelts, according to the website.

“Don’t you hate that dreaded seatbelt sound?” asks the flight attendant in a video.

“At DonAir we don’t do seatbelts. We actually encourage you to unbuckle,” she says as a man beside her unbuckles the belt on his pants.

When you click to search flights, another video featuring the flight attendant pops up.

“At DonAir we don’t actually fly you anywhere. We don’t even have planes,” says the flight attendant. “Eating an authentic donair used to mean a trip to Nova Scotia, but with two King of Donair locations now open in Alberta, that’s no longer the case.”

King of Donair opened stores in Edmonton and Grande Prairie earlier this summer.

The idea for DonAir came to Nahas after many Nova Scotians, now living in western Canada, were dropping into his restaurant for their spicy shaved-meat, tomato, onion and garlic sauce fix.

“Now people don’t have to fly home to get their donairs,” Nahas told the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. “It’s truly a Nova Scotian moment,” said Nahas of the ad campaign.

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