Untapped Potential - Brewdog Opens First Ohio 'Beer Hotel'

Graeme Peto, Open Jaw

Are you upset with the general lack of beer in your hotel experiences? Ever wanted to crawl into bed with an inviting saison, or hit the hot tub with a juicy IPA? Well, your long wait is over, because now there's a hotel built for the beer lover in all of us.

This summer, BrewDog, a beermaker originally out of Scotland, is opening its first US brewery in Columbus, Ohio. Alongside the opening (slated for August 27), BrewDog will be owning and operating what it's calling the world's first 'beer hotel'.

What separates a "beer hotel" from the regular, beer-free variety? Each of the rooms in DogHouse Columbus includes a stocked minibar, but for those who prefer draft beer, there is a BrewDog tap installed in every room. The DogHouse offers a wide variety of brews for guest to choose from including IPAs, sours, coffee-laced beverages, and even ciders. 

As it's namesake suggests, the hotel also features multiple K9-friendly rooms.

Whether or not Brewdog's claims to building the first beer hotel are legitimate or not, the idea of a beer hotel appears to be catching on. Next year, Stone Brewing in San Diego plans to open their own Stone Brewing Hotel. There's also Denver's The Source Hotel, which features an on-premises brewery. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin guests can soon book a stay at The Brewhouse Inn & Suites, a former Pabst Brewery, where they will be able to enjoy a hipster-friendly PBR in the hotel's lobby.

With the steady rise in craft-beer consumption in recent years, it's no big surprise that the hospitality industry is taking note and I'm sure that a Canadian equivalent is already in the works. Hopefully, Bob and Doug Mckenzie can make it to the grand opening. 


Harold Wagner - August 28, 2018 @ 12:55
Yeahh!...about time. In the Czech Republic there is a "Brew Spa" where guests can take a Beer Bath,...literally a tub filled with beer. Single or double tubs available. For years operating successfully.

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