When Pax Get Punk'd -- An Evil Power Prank Plaguing Airports

Graeme Peto, Open Jaw

When a passenger is stuck at the gate with their phone, laptop, or tablet battery getting precipitously low, they will search high and low for the nearest available power outlet or charging station. On long delays, the added energy can be a real lifesaver. 

But petty pranksters are now taking advantage of the situation, and punking powerless pax.

Vandals have been placing stickers of fake power outlets at airport gates and laughing (and of course filming) as fellow travellers try (and fail), to plug in their chargers.

The stickers look convincing and are usually well-placed, resulting in global travellers falling for the trick again and again. In a growing (and annoying) trend, these stickers can be found at airport terminals all around the world. Those feeling especially outraged have taken to social media to vent their rage. 

On particularly angry passenger tweeted, “Whoever put up this fake sticker of an open outlet at the airport, you are now my enemy for life."

Most stickers are stuck to walls or pillars, but some have even been spotted on gateway garbage bins, leaving those fooled feeling especially stupid. 

There are plenty of YouTube videos online of people being pranked, many of which have gone viral. Apparently, these fake outlet stickers can be easily purchased online. Please don’t buy them.

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