What Happens In Vegas…Uh, I Forget The Rest

Graeme Peto, Open Jaw

“That’s not a joint, man. That’s a quarter-pounder.”

Cheech & Chong, Up In Smoke

Sin City is now home to a 24-foot tall, 800-pound bong. 

The soon-to-open Las Vegas Cannabition Cannabis Museum (which opens 20SEPT)  has unveiled plans to exhibit the world’s biggest weed-smoking vessel. With Nevada's legalization of marijuana last year, the museum's owners and Vegas promoters are hoping to turn Sin City into America's Amsterdam.

The oversized glass pipe is large enough to span several floors and requires an elevator to carry people from bottom to top. Feel like taking a huge hit? No such luck. Bongzilla will be mostly for show because, although Nevada legalized recreational marijuana, you can only legally smoke it in private residences.

The Cannabition Cannabis Museum will also feature a 50-metre-long mural depicting cannabis history, 12 exhibit rooms, a retail store with weed-related products, and a full bar.

The state is getting high off tax revenues from marijuana. The Nevada Department of Taxation has announced that since legalization, weed sales delivered US$69.8 million in state tax revenue – much higher than expected. Other Vegas businesses are sure to jump on the legal-weed bandwagon. It's only a matter of time before The Las Vegas Munchie Museum sets up shop right next door.

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