Pax Forced To Pee In Bags When The Onboard Toilets Fail

Graeme Peto, Open Jaw

Airplane bathrooms can be an awkward place for some, but backed-up passengers rarely ever consider the unpleasant alternative. As Aristotle once wrote: "when you got to go, you got to go." Unfortunately, during a long flight when an airplane's toilets fail - things get messy.

This was a lesson that some unlucky Pax learned aboard a recent American Airlines flight when they were asked by cabin crew to pee into plastic bags and bottles. The incident occurred after the toilet became backed up during a six-hour AA flight from Phoenix, Az. to Kona, Hawaii.

“What do you mean I have to pee in a bag?” asks one Pax in a video taken from inside the plane.

Women in need were assigned bags, while men received bottles. The problem was created after one dumb passenger had attempted to flush a diaper down one of the plane’s toilets. The resulting clog forced the cabin crew to lock down the bathrooms and implement the plastic alternative.  

American Airlines later claimed that during the incident, flight procedure was followed in accordance with the airline's wiz-problem policy.

“If an American flight is in the air, and all lavatories become inoperative, the flight will divert to the nearest suitable airport in order for maintenance to rectify the situation. Due to the location of the aircraft, the flight continued to its intended destination.”

Hours later, the plane arrived at its destination with a load of toilet-needy passengers. To help clean up this embarrassing situation, American Airlines has offered the affected passengers US$240 vouchers in compensation. Most probably would have settled for a working toilet. 


Hanna - September 10, 2018 @ 15:44
How about calling out the person who flushed the diaper?
"Ladies and Gentlemen.. your attention please... Passenter Ijit Nincompoop has flushed her kid's poopy diaper down the toilet and as a result, none of us will pee or poop until Hawaii. "
Now publish that and let's see how quickly anyone does that again!!!

Laura - September 10, 2018 @ 11:54
I couldn't agree more!!! The idiots are never made to face their stupidity.

Steve - September 10, 2018 @ 09:27
And what about the stupid passenger who tried to flush a diaper? When will stupid people be held accountable? That's the problem in today's world, we don't hold people accountable for bad behaviour. This is just MY opinion.

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