The Amazing Tourist Attraction That Isn’t

Graeme Peto, Open Jaw

Bude Tunnel really is quite smashing.

In recent weeks, a small town in England’s Cornwall by the name of Bude has been attracting an increasing number of confused tourists. Why the confusion? Well, according to the online travel review site TripAdvisor, the 70m long Bude Tunnel is a must-see. The reality? It really isn’t.

TripAdvisor's reviewers were obviously joking when they rated the clear plastic supermarket tunnel as the #1 attraction for tourists to visit when in the small Cornish town. The completely unremarkable tunnel was built to keep grocery shoppers dry on their way to a nearby parking lot, but has since become a tongue-in-cheek online celebrity. 

“Nowhere else in Bude can you walk this far undercover in a straight line," claims the town's website, Bude and Beyond. On TripAdvisor, reviewers have praised the tunnel's design, panoramic views, and close proximity to an ATM. 

"Bude Tunnel is quite simply a wonder of the modern world. As soon as I first gazed upon this glorious cylindrical masterpiece, I knew I had found perfection in tunnel form," wrote one wag.

Meanwhile, other townsfolk clearly aren't convinced.

“I just can’t see what’s so interesting about it," one local retailer said. "It takes literally less than a minute to get through. Maybe a bit more with a full trolley.”

The tunnel received its first online rating back in Sept 2017, but the past year has seen it usurp the #1 attraction title from the town's historic Castle Bude. Although TripAdvisor has since suspended further comments, over 160 people joined in on the joke. 

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