Heated Car Chase Spills Onto Multiple French Airports

Graeme Peto, Open Jaw

In a scene fitting for the latest Vin Diesel flick, a man smashed a stolen car Monday into security barriers at two airports in Lyon, France, as he was pursued by police vehicles,. The driver then crashed through two glass terminal doors and sped onto a runway, before being arrested.

The action-filled car chase was captured on amateur video, which shows the car hitting a bump, going airborne (appropriate considering the setting), then landing in a cloud of dust at LYS. With his car totalled, the driver jumped out while the vehicle was still rolling and sprinted off on foot, pursued by police.

Officers eventually managed to catch up with the suspect and wrestle him to the ground. According to officials, there was no evidence pointing to a terrorist motive and prosecutors are investigating possible charges of attempted murder against the suspect.

The man, aged 31 and believed to be a French national, was previously known to police only for traffic violations. He’s got a few more of those now.

He was first spotted driving the wrong way on the A43 highway. After highway police and a police helicopter laid chase, shots were fired. The man then rammed into security barriers at Lyon’s Bron airport which is primarily used for business flights, before driving to the nearby, larger Saint-Exupery airport.

There, the man rammed through more security. Still chased by police, he then crashed through two glass doors at the airport’s Terminal to drive onto the runway.

All air traffic at the airport was halted, and thankfully -- besides the stolen car -- there were no casualties.

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