Does Anyone Remember Donald Trump’s OTA?

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

It sounds like a campaign promotion website. But as Australian travel trade website eGlobal Travel Media reminds us, was once an online travel agency where hotels would pay commission not to the likes of Trivago and, but to Donald Trump himself. entered the U.S. travel industry scene in 2006. The site’s tagline was “The art of the travel deal,” a reference to Trump’s autobiography, The Art of the Deal. The logo carried the message: “Travel Trump style.”

Announcing the creation of at Trump Tower in New York City on 24JAN 2006, Trump stated at the opening press conference: “I will find you the great travel deals, whether you are looking to book a luxury getaway or just want the best rate on airlines and hotels worldwide.”

The glamorous Natalie Glebova, Russian-Canadian TV host, author, dancer, model, and beauty queen, was on stage at the launch. The year before, she won the Miss Universe Canada 2005 and later that year won Miss Universe 2005 in Thailand.

According to Wikipedia, the site featured 60,000 hotels, including “Trump’s picks,” which were marketed as Donald Trump’s favourite hotels and resorts.

Travelocity technology powered the site and Trump proclaimed would be a “tremendous success” -- of course he did. Alas, like so many companies Trump has founded, it lasted just a year. 

Even though Trump promoted the website on his daily radio program “Trumped!” and expected to have the site featured in the sixth season of The Apprentice, closed in 2007 and is now gone forever.

Today, if you type into a browser address bar, it says: ‘403 Error. Forbidden.’

Bruce Parkinson

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