NZ Refunds All Pax After Turbulence Sparks Mass Vomiting

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

When an airline offers full refunds to all pax due to a turbulence incident, you know it must have been a bumpy ride.

An Air Nex Zealand flight became so turbulent last week that emergency services were standing by when the plane landed to tend to sick guests.

The plane was flying into Invercargill airport from Christchurch on the country’s southern tip when the flight was slammed by 180 km/h crosswinds.

Passenger Owen Scott told the New Zealand Herald the turbulence was constant throughout the hour-long flight.

“It was just about nonstop. We had a 10-minute respite, and then it hit us again,” Scott said.

“But to be fair everything was under control,” he added.

Though the pilot maintained control of the plane, it did not prevent passengers from becoming ill during the choppy flight. According to Stuff, one passenger claimed “about 20%” of passengers were throwing up from the rough air. That’s not pleasant for anyone.

Once the plane safely landed at the airport, passengers were assisted by emergency services.

Air New Zealand reportedly contacted all passengers on the flight later that evening and apologized for the situation, as well as offered a refund.

"As you will be aware, on approach to Invercargill Airport the aircraft experienced strong turbulence which is likely to have caused some discomfort to you and your passengers," the email read.

"In recognition of your experience, a full refund of this flight will be processed,” the email continued. "At least one customer has contacted the airline today saying the refund offer is appreciated but unnecessary."

Bruce Parkinson

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