Vegetarian Nightmare: Germany’s Sausage-Themed Hotel

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

What happens when a German butcher opens a hotel? 

Yep, it’s a vegetarian’s Wurst nightmare. 

At the Boebel Bratwurst Bed and Breakfast (or BBB&B) there are pictures of sausages on the wallpaper, sausage-shaped pillows on the beds and bratwurst hanging from the ceiling. The room numbers are printed on butcher’s knives and even the soap is shaped like a sausage.

The “Wurstaurant” downstairs serves a full range of sausage-related dishes, including sausage ice cream. 

“This is the absolute bratwurst heaven and I love that,” said Claus Boebel, the butcher who opened the hotel in Bavaria. “I wanted to get a bit of holiday feeling in my house and ... make the bratwurst attractive for the whole world.” 

The seven rooms are individually decorated, but there’s definitely a theme: “What is special about the rooms is their comprehensive design,” Boebel says, listing the assorted sausage-themed features of the décor. 

Rooms come with breakfast, of course, which features a healthy helping of sausage.

Before leaving for home, guests can stock up on meats at Boebel’s large shop, or take a cooking course. The hotel’s website,, offers a selection of goods available to those craving sausages and cold cuts from afar.

Bruce Parkinson

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