Chinese Hotel Invites You To Stew In Your Very Own Hot Pot

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Human hot pot, anyone?

Imagine loving hot pot soup so much, you wanted to become one with it. 

A hotel in Hangzhou, China offers hot pot fans just that – a chance to simmer in a human-sized hot pot hot spring while enjoying the popular East Asian dish.

As a special promotion to celebrate Lunar New Year, Hangzhou's First World Hotel invites guests to simmer in their very own hot spring pool while dining, wining and socializing with other fellow stewers. 

The hotel, home to the Yunman Hot Spring, designed one of its hot spring pools to look like one big human hot pot where rectangular compartments are separately filled with produces such as corn, lettuce, apples and bananas. 

According to an article by CNN, the hotel says it aims to promote a healthy lifestyle in the run-up to the Lunar New Year, or spring festival, which begins the first week of February.

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