JetBlue Contest Offers Free Flights For Those Willing To Delete Instagram Posts

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

NYC-based JetBlue is running a contest where the winner gets the prize of flying for free for a full year with the airline.

The catch? They must delete all of their Instagram posts before entering.

The airline launched its "All You Can Jet" sweepstakes last week, writes The Hill. The contest runs through 8MAR, and requires entrants to delete all of their prior posts on Instagram before uploading a photo using a template from JetBlue, tagging the company and using the hashtag #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes.

Aside from the entry photo, entrants must not post any other photos to their Instagram account until the end of the contest to be considered a valid entry. 

"Don't worry, if you win you'll be able to post pics from everywhere we fly," writes the airline on its contest page. 

In today's Insta-filtered world, deleting all one's posts is probably easier said than done for many people who have spent years dedicating their account to gain followers and tailor perfect photos for their feed. 

But there are many brave souls who are willing to risk their Insta-fame for the chance to win unlimited flights for a year. As of today, a search for #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes on Instagram shows a total of 13,449 posts using the hashtag.

The company, setting an example, joined in on the contest by deleting prior posts from its own Instagram account.

Luckily, Canadian Instagrammers don't need to fret about whether to delete years' worth of posts --  the contest is only open to legal residents of the U.S.

Bruce Parkinson

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Ahnon - March 4, 2019 @ 11:26
What is the point of this? Just a dislike of Instagram?

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