AC Pilot Eases Tarmac Delay With Pizza Order

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Here’s a great example of how one person’s clear communication and generosity can make a bad situation much easier.

Stranded for hours on a snowy tarmac, passengers on an Air Canada flight were beginning to feel the stress, but their pilot knew the answer: 23 pizzas delivered to the airplane's door.

Air Canada Flight 608 left Toronto bound for Halifax on Monday night, but bad weather forced the plane to be diverted to Fredericton. After several hours stuck in the plane, the pilot decided to order food. 

Jofee Larivée, the manager at Minglers Restaurant and Pub in Oromocto, received the pilot's call and took down his order for 23 pizzas topped with cheese and pepperoni. 

"We told him we could have them made in an hour or hour and a half," Larivée said.

She said they have never delivered pizza to an airplane, and they were "laughing all night" about the unusual order.

Her crew got the pizzas ready in an hour and sent them to the airport via Minglers' delivery service. 

Larivée said she called the plane to tell the pilot of the pizzas' arrival and the captain sent people to meet the delivery at the door.

Passenger Philomena Hughes told CBC News that she credits the pilot for keeping pax informed and fed after being on the plane for about eight hours from the time they boarded in Toronto. 


"It was something that could have been very stressful; he made it a lot easier," she said. "There was lots of help, there were a couple of Air Canada Jazz pilots that were travelling on the plane and they were helping to pick up the pizza and distribute it. Everybody chipped in, so he didn't want to take the whole credit for himself." 


Larivée also gave the pilot credit for his demeanour, noting he even called the restaurant on Tuesday to thank the staff for getting the pizza to the plane so quickly.

Bruce Parkinson

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