Survey: Wi-Fi More Important Than Clean Underwear For Majority Of Biz Travellers

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Where do your priorities lie? Hygiene, or connectivity? A study has revealed some, let’s say, interesting preferences for business travellers.

A majority thought it would be harder to go without high-speed wi-fi than clean underwear. More business travellers stressed about finding pet care arrangements than child care. And three-quarters of those surveyed say they have stockpiled food from complimentary hotel breakfasts to eat later in the day. 

The La Quinta Means Business online survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, polled 1,000 Americans between the ages of 35 to 54 who have travelled for business 10 or more times a year. 

Some of the notable findings are:


  • 59% of business travellers would never stay in a hotel where they could not earn rewards points.
  • 64% think it would be harder to go without high-speed Wi-Fi than without clean underwear on a business trip.
  • 81% have missed special events like birthdays or holidays due to business travel.
  • 30% think finding pet care is stressful when preparing to travel for business, while only 23% stress about finding childcare.
  • 43% of those who are married or in a relationship prefer to sleep in a hotel bed they have all to themselves the night before a big meeting.
  • 28% of male business travellers have been hungover during meetings or presentations while on a business trip, compared with 14% of female business travellers.
  • 79% have stocked up on food from the hotel breakfast bar to eat later in the day.
Anna Kroupina

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