Undelivered 737 MAX Planes Take Up Boeing Staff Parking Spots

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Now where did I park my plane?

It’s a question that maintenance crew at Boeing could well be asking as aircraft are being parked alongside Toyotas and Mazdas in the staff parking lot. 

Where else to put hundreds of undelivered Boeing 737 MAX jets? 

The airplane manufacturer is struggling to manage its oversupply of the aircraft while the worldwide grounding remains in place. Although it sounds haphazard, the parking lot intrusion is being referred to at Boeing as an “inventory-management plan." 

Yes, there’s a plan.

"We are using resources across the Boeing enterprise during the pause in 737 MAX deliveries, including our facilities in Puget Sound, Boeing San Antonio, and at Moses Lake," Boeing spokesperson Paul Bergman told Business Insider. "This is part of our inventory-management plan." 

The bill for each parking spot is a hefty one -- Boeing is spending $2,000 a month to park each plane. 

Watch out for those dinged wings!

Anna Kroupina

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