German Tourists Get Hefty Fine For Brewing Coffee In Venice

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Hello! This is not a campground!

Two tourists were given hefty fines and asked to leave Venice after brewing a coffee in front of the Rialto Bridge.

The actions of a pair of German backpackers were reported to police by a local resident and the 32- and 35-year-olds were fined $1,250 under new rules introduced in May to preserve the city centre's “decorum."

Venice mayor Luigi Brugnaro said: "Venice must be respected and the rude people who think they can come to the city and do whatever they want must understand that they will be taken, sanctioned and removed.

"Our city will always be open and welcoming to all those who want to come and visit it,” the Mayor added. "At the same time, we will be intransigent to those who think they will come and do what they want."

The new law includes a ban on picnics in certain areas, bathing in fountains and not wearing shirts in public places, with hefty fines for offenders.

With well-documented instances of egregiously high prices at restaurants near some of Venice’s key attractions, the German backpackers may have had strong motivation to brew their own java – but $1,250 is a high price to pay for a caffeine fix.

Bruce Parkinson

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