B.C. Town Cashing In On "Old Town Road" Till It Can't No More

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

A community on British Columbia's west coast has a creative way of turning lemons into lemonade.

Sicamous, B.C.'s two "Old Town Road" street signs were recently stolen by fans of rapper Lil Nas X's song by the same name, and the community’s municipal staff decided to begin selling the signs to curtail the thefts.

The signs are sold in town and online on the Sicamous and District Chamber of Commerce website for $25 each, and it turns out they’re practically flying off the shelf with people from Alaska, Las Vegas and as far away as Belize purchasing them.

“It’s actually quite amazing,” Sicamous operations manager Joe McCulloch told CTV News Channel, adding that 90 signs were sold in two days alone.

Sicamous is a popular houseboater town during the summer, when the population swells from 2,600 to 10,000. So with the influx of so many people, McCulloch said “it wasn’t that much of a surprise that someone was going to steal this sign eventually.“

Sicamous Mayor Terry Rysz even joined in on the fun, decking himself out in classic cowboy attire to advertise the signs.

As for the cost of the thefts, Sicamous said it wasn’t significant to the district, and staff likely won't be getting the RCMP involved.

Anna Kroupina

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