Creep Hides Camera In First Class UA Bathroom

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

As we frequently do on the Deviation desk, today we ask ourselves: What the hell is wrong with people?

A Texas man was arrested and charged with video voyeurism last week after allegedly hiding a video camera in the first-class bathroom of a United Airlines flight this past spring.

Choon Ping Lee is accused of planting the camera onboard UA flight 646 from San Diego to Houston on 5MAY, KTRK reports.

A female first-class passenger noticed a “device with a blue blinking light" near the bathroom cabinet and close to a door hinge.

Unsure if the mysterious item was part of the plane, the woman finished using the restroom and grabbed the item with a paper towel and gave it to a member of the flight crew.

After landing in Houston, crew members turned the device over to airline security officials, who quickly determined that it was a video recording device. The UA officials then handed it over to the FBI.

Federal agents were able to identify the clothing and accessories worn by the person who installed the creepy camera in the restroom, and connected it to Lee, who was seen in surveillance footage boarding the flight while wearing the same outfit.

United officials confirmed that Lee, a native of Malaysia and employee of U.S. multinational corporation Halliburton, also sat in first class on United flight 646 on 5MAY.

After reviewing the camera, the FBI said that the device also contained illicit footage filmed in the bathroom of an Emirates flight.

Lee has been charged with video voyeurism within the maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States. If convicted, he faces up to twelve months in jail, a fine or both. He is being held in a Houston-area detention facility ahead of a bond hearing.

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