Making Memories: 33-Member Family Travels On One Man’s FF Points

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

One man was able to pull off an amazing family vacation thanks to amassing an incredible amount of airline mileage points — and his entire 33-member family were the beneficiaries.

Sam Pratt was able to take his family, ranging in age from two to 72, to Hawaii for free after saving over a million frequent flyer miles with Southwest Airlines.

The trip, where the family celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and a gender reveal party, also had one more major celebration: Pratt's cancer, which he battled for a year, had entered remission.

“When we heard the doctors say the words ‘remission’ and that he would be able to live with this type of cancer and then he got cleared to fly, we were just jumping up and down,” Pratt’s daughter Emily Peterson said.

With the knowledge that Pratt's cancer was in remission and the fact that he had so many frequent flyer miles courtesy of WN, the choice to host a family reunion in Hawaii seemed like the perfect idea.

“I couldn’t think of a better gift to give than travel because not only do you get to travel but you get the memories that go with that,” Pratt said.

The large family agrees that this trip has been an absolute dream.

“Never in a million years [did] we think this would be possible. This is a dream. It truly, truly is,” Pratt said.

Anna Kroupina

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