Brussels Airlines: Air Carrier By Day, Party Flight By Night

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Unless you hate the idea of being trapped on a plane with a DJ hosting a club music rave and over a hundred rabid fans, you'll love this Brussels Airlines flight.

Since 2005, Brussels Airlines has been organizing a special "party flight" package specially designed for guests attending Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium, one of the world’s largest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals. 

Now in its eighth consecutive year, the Global Journey offering allows customers to buy various packages that include gate parties and flights with live music, along with accommodation and a Tomorrowland ticket.

Beyond accounting for basic needs such as premium flights, tickets, hotel transfers, and luxury hotel stays, it literally takes things to the next level by giving people the option to party in the sky. The biggest perk of the package is the in-flight DJ set on-board every Tomorrowland bound Brussels Airlines flight.

Additionally, during the flights, Brussels Airlines cabin crew ensure personalized Tomorrowland attention with the distribution of festival goodie bags and special catering.

For this year's Tomorrowland held at the end of July, Brussels Airlines sold more than 13,000 flight packages totaling 25,290 passengers from 77 airports across the globe.

On top of all that, all Global Journey packages come with extra luggage allowance and the possibility to change the date of their return flight, in case people want to discover Belgium or Europe after the festival.

Now, we're not particularly into EDM, but they had us at "extra luggage allowance."

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