Pick & Cheese: The First Cheese Conveyor Restaurant Opens In UK

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

A new London restaurant has taken a sushi concept and adapted it to wine and cheese.

Pick & Cheese, which has just launched in Seven Dials Market in Covent Garden, has a 40-meter conveyor belt that serves up a seemingly limitless supply of cheese. 

What's described as the "world's first conveyor belt cheese restaurant" -- a claim that seems unlikely to be contested -- it offers no fewer than 25 varieties sourced from around the UK.

Red Leicester, Yorkshire Pecorino and Cornish Gouda, served with a specially chosen condiment, are among the many dairy delicacies on offer.

After taking a seat at the bar, diners can pick whatever takes their fancy during the endless cheese parade, where plates are colour-coded by price. 

"Off-belt dishes" such as pan-fried angloumi and a four-cheese grilled sandwich, can be ordered directly to your chair.

The restaurant, which is the brainchild of the team at the Cheese Bar, a restaurant in London's Camden Market, also holds a specially curated wine list from natural wine retailers Les Caves de Pyrene that diners can pair with the cheeses.

"At Pick & Cheese we want to show that cheese and wine bars don't have to be boring and can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you're dropping in for a quick plate of British cheese and a glass of something unusual, or settling in for a cheese flight and a bottle of natural wine," says founder Mathew Carver.

Bruce Parkinson

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