Carts Gone Wild: Out-Of-Control Catering Truck Almost Slams Into Plane At ORD

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

A rogue catering cart caused utter chaos – and almost injury -- at ORD yesterday.

Video captured by a passenger waiting for his flight to Tennessee shows the cart spinning wildly in circles on the tarmac, with trays and food scattered around it. 

"At first it was humorous to see this drive itself and not fall over, but then as it picked up speed it presented danger to people," Kevin Klauer told CNN.

Employees on the tarmac can be seen trying to approach the cart, but don't manage to get close enough to reach the controls without being hit. As the cart continues to spin, it gets closer and closer to the nose of an airplane.

Coming to the rescue is an American Airlines employee who crashes into the cart with another vehicle, turning it over on its side and ending the havoc.

"Everyone was actually really quietly watching this unfold," Klauer said. "When it ended, the whole gatehouse erupted in applause."

American Airlines said in a statement that preliminary reports showed the cart's accelerator got stuck and caused the cart to lose control.

"No American Airlines team members were injured and the incident resulted in one 10-minute flight delay," American Airlines said in a statement. "We appreciate the quick action of our team member who stopped the vehicle."

Anna Kroupina

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