Teen Preps 'Care Packages' For Pax On Behalf Of Snoring Stepfather

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Alan Tattersall from Victoria, Australia, is a "pretty serious" snorer, according to his stepdaughter, who took pity on fellow passengers flying with him on a 32-hour route to Houston, Texas. She prepared care packages --complete with handwritten notes – for him to hand out on his flight. 

"I'd heard of moms giving out little care packages when they have babies on planes — acknowledging that their infants might be crying,” said 17-year-old Grace.

Together with the help of Tattersall’s wife, Ros, and a friend, Grace purchased chocolates and earplugs, and sealed up 10 tiny care packages for Tattersall to hand out on the plane. The parcels also included notes preemptively apologizing for Tattersall’s snoring.

“Enjoy your trip today,” the note says. “We thought you might be in need of a little assistance if Alan falls asleep — so hope this little care package helps. P.S.: The snoring usually only lasts a short time — while he falls asleep.”

Tattersall himself had no idea Grace and Ros were preparing the packages until they accompanied him to the Melbourne airport for his trip, at which point they handed them over and told him to pass them out.

Ironically, the 62-year-old said most people were too preoccupied listening to their own headphones to really care. The care packages came in handier on the return trip, and said the message made one woman “chuckle.”

“The others just thought it was strange and didn’t even know what to say,” he said.

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