UK Airlines Complain About Drunks While Offering ‘Buy In Bulk’ Booze Deals

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

UK-based airlines have been accused of fuelling air rage by running “buy in bulk” alcohol deals.

The warning comes just days after The Sun published footage of a Brit couple in a drunken brawl on an Alicante airport shuttle bus.

Campaigners have called on carriers including Jet2, easyJet, Ryanair and Flybe to do more to tackle the problem of drunken passengers disrupting flights.

Airline data puts drink-related incidents in the UK at 4,000 — up 9% on last year. And yet The Sun on Sunday has discovered scores of deals to sell more inflight alcohol.

Jet2 promotes a series of cocktail-style drinks, easyJet was found to be encouraging customers to “upgrade to a premium spirit and mixer” -- on 7 am flights leaving the UK -- and Ryanair offers “craft cocktails.”

Meanwhile, Flybe has a “two beers, wines or spirits” deal for £9.

In a recent poll by Which?, Ryanair was top for air rage caused by ­excessive alcohol.

Andrew Misell, of drink awareness charity Alcohol Change UK, said: “Things can go badly wrong if someone’s had too much to drink. It is time for airports and airlines to take responsibility for how much alcohol they sell.”

Bruce Parkinson

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