Not Cleared To Fly: VNO Creates Christmas Tree Made From Confiscated Items

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

It isn't tinsel and candy canes that adorn a Christmas tree at Lithuania's Vilnius Airport. Rather, it's knives, bullets, cigarette lighters and corkscrews twinkling away for passengers. 

"We can guarantee - you haven't seen anything like this," Lithuanian Airports shared on LinkedIn Monday. "With knives, scissors, lighters, blades and all other sorts of dangerous goods on it - this Christmas tree has it all."

The tree is made entirely of items confiscated from passengers in a bid to highlight the importance of aviation security. It stands 1.5 metres tall and took over two weeks to create.

"The Aviation security officers at Vilnius Airport opted for an unusual take on the Christmas classic, aiming to send an educational message" the post said. 

"So if you don't want your personal, yet prohibited, belongings to land on our next year's Christmas tree - better check out the baggage requirements before you pack for your next flight. Safe travels!"

Anna Kroupina

Anna Kroupina Journalist

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