Pro-Trump Pilot Accused Of Writing Racist Graffiti At Airport

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

An airline pilot who felt compelled to share his political views is facing multiple charges alleging he scrawled offensive graffiti at Tallahassee International Airport on several occasions over a year-long period.

James Dees, 53, is charged with nine counts of criminal mischief for writing political slogans like '#MAGA,' 'TRUMP4EVER,' and 'Send them ALL back.' He faces a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

He also scrawled racial slurs directed at African-Americans and Hispanics at several locations at the airport including restrooms, in an elevator and on cars in an airport parking lot.

Dees worked – notice the past tense -- as a pilot for regional airline Endeavor Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines.

Police records say the graffiti was scrawled on at least 11 occasions over the course of one year starting from December 2018.

An affidavit said police installed a surveillance camera in an elevator and after reviewing footage identified Dees as the suspect.

When questioned by police Dees admitted the offenses and said he was going through a 'rough time' and had anger issues.

In a statement to local media, the airline said: "These actions in no way reflect the values of Endeavor Air and this individual is no longer employed by the airline."

Bruce Parkinson

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