Three’s Company - Changing Relationships Are Redefining Romance Travel

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Forget a romantic getaway for two in a lavish hotel room with bubbly in the tub and a king-sized bed – the future of travel for lovers is making room for one more.

That traditional definition of a romance travel may be evolving to accommodate a growing number of polygamous relationships, says UK-based travel club Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

This trend will give rise of "co-romantic breaks" and there will be a growing market for "polymoons", says the company, with many hotels adding triple beds to the standard double and twin offering.

"Uncoupled sleepovers" -- in which duos will book separate hotel rooms to create space before reuniting – might also become a thing of the future.

Besides the traditional concierge, it says many hotels will offer a "Chief Romantic Officer" at check in, and instead of the cliché bottle of bubbles and rose petals on the bed, couples will be able to choose from a range of innovative options, like adaptable artworks and fabrics that change depending on your mood, or CBD-infused oils included in the turn-down service.

Meanwhile, 25% of adults will be single by choice and might choose to embark on what Mr. and Mrs. Smith calls "buddymoons" in celebration of their platonic friendships.

"Disconnection tours" where cell phones are locked away, four-day "peakends" and sustainable, zero-impact travel will also become the new normal, with luxury accommodation merged into the landscape, says the company.

Anna Kroupina

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