Upgrade Upset: Flight Attendant Puts A Damper On First-Class Upgrade

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Usually, acts of kindness where flyers give up their biz or first-class seats garner glowing media attention and praise from the social spheres (you may recall a DEC story where a kind-hearted young man gave up his business class seat to a complete stranger on a seven-hour flight from New York to London).

So Adrienne Chance's story, flying with American Airlines, starts off merry when her CEO offered to switch his First-Class seat for Chance's coach. But one rather persnickety flight attendant put a damper on that deluxe experience. 

An hour into the flight, when the First Class flight attendant called Chance by her CEO’s name, she corrected her, letting her know that, “Actually, I’m Adrienne.” And that is where the problem started.

According to Chance’s Twitter post, the flight attendant advised her that switching seats was a security issue and that she had to move back into the main cabin. Chance wrote that the request was "brash, non-discreet and insinuating that I was somehow trying to take advantage of the situation." 

Not wanting to cause any more trouble, Chance moved into the main cabin as instructed. Her CEO tried to reason with the flight attendant, but to no avail.

Chance attempted to bury the hatchet and enjoy the rest of the flight, but clearly the FA wasn’t done yet. 

Towards the end of the flight, Chance says she was approached with the crew member requesting her full name and seat number, before telling her menacingly that she was “going to file a report."

In its response, American Airlines said that this treatment was not its policy, and apologized for Chance's unfortunate experience. The airline has given both Chance and her boss 10,000 miles by way of compensation.


Anna Kroupina

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