Canny Canine: "Jack" The Dog Wins Compensation After Flight Cancellation

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Montserrat Barriga, Director General of the European Regions Airline Association, posted a photo of Jack on Twitter, saying he is the first dog to have claimed air pax compensation.

Setting a precedent in the world of flight delay compensation, a dog has successfully claimed compensation for his cancelled flight.

Jack the pooch was excited about his flight with Danish Air Transport (DAT) from Palermo to Lampedusa Island on a booked ‘pet in cabin’ ticket.

However, the aircraft experienced a technical issue prior to departure and after being delayed by several hours, was eventually cancelled. Jack's humans were each reimbursed $358, but poor Jack received nothing. 

However it seems that every dog does, indeed, have its day. 

Jack’s owners are arguing that they paid $38 for their best friend's ticket, so he should be also due compensation under EU rules. 

Jesper Rungholm, the CEO of DAT, admitted that Jack would indeed be entitled to compensation – but he's not all happy about the claim. 

EU compensation laws state that pax must be taken care of in case of a delay or cancellation, which can mean providing food, drinks and overnight accommodation. 

“I am now waiting for the complaint that we did not provide dog food or a suitable water bowl during the wait," he said.

Jack says he'll be spending his payout on jerky sticks and a spa day at PetSmart.

Anna Kroupina

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