Air New Zealand Dangles Prospect Of Tiny Bunk Beds In the Sky

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

No fighting over the top bunk!

Air New Zealand has unveiled its much-anticipated plans to offer a lie-flat sleeping experience for economy class flyers – something normally offered only to pax paying a big premium.

The airline has filed patent and trademark applications for the “Economy Skynest,” CNN reports.

The Skynest looks like a large box containing six bunks outfitted with low purple lighting.

Each individual pod is 22 inches by 78 inches — making it roughly the same length but over a foot slimmer than the average single mattress— and comes with a pillow, sheets, blanket, earplugs and privacy curtains.

“For those who have dreamed of having their own nest mid-flight, your lie-flat dreams could come true,” reads the caption on a promotional video for the cheap-seats sleeper innovation. 

Air New Zealand says three years of research and input from 200 Auckland area customers went into the Skynest design. Whether it will actually come to fruition – and how much it will actually cost passengers – remains to be determined. And with only six sleeper opportunities per aircraft, passengers will likely have to book well in advance.

CNN notes that NZ will not finalize its decision on Skynest implementation until 2021, once they’ve had time to assess the viability of new Auckland-to-New York flights, which take off in OCT. That flight, which would take about 17 hours and 40 minutes, is set to be one of the world’s longest — which makes a bunk bed a pretty attractive proposition.

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