Aussie Agent Dons Dino Costume For Lighthearted Relief

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Australian travel advisor is tapping into her quirky side to help make self-isolation and social distancing a bit more bearable throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Tori from X travel is spending her four weeks lockdown dressed in a huge dinosaur costume, and sharing the experience through videos posted to her Facebook page. 

Dino Tori made her debut this week with her first clip, showing her new alter ego riding a bicycle outdoors. This was followed up by dino’s first day working from home, completing common travel advisor tasks like typing on a keyboard, punching numbers into a calculator and swirling on a swivel chair.

In the video comments, Tori's friends and fellow travel advisors are telling her how much they appreciate the lighthearted break and how her videos help keep them sane throughout the lockdown. 

“For my clients, I can offer peace of mind and security in knowing that their future travel is in safe and secure hands, for my team I have been able to protect their jobs with our government subsidy, but I can’t provide a cure for everyone," Tori told KarryOn.


“So the best thing I can do is provide a little light-hearted relief instead."

Anna Kroupina

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