Movies On The Tarmac: VNO Turned Into Drive-In Cinema

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

VNO screens France’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire on 10MAY. Photo credit: @neinmuses via Twitter. 

What to do with an empty airport? Turn it into a drive-through movie theatre of course!

As the coronavirus leaves many airports around the world nearly empty, the folks in Vilnius decided to take advantage of the wide open space at VNO. 

As movie theatres remained under a nationwide quarantine in Lithuania, the Vilnius Film Festival due to take place in MAR had to be postponed... But organizers found a creative way to share their love of cinema while bringing some life back to the country's largest airport.

The "Aerocinema – Journey Begins" project turns the airside apron of Vilnius Airport into an open-air drive-in movie theatre. Each week, the "airport cinema" screens travel-themed movies from countries all around the world, all while making sure moviegoers obey social distancing guidelines.

The widely popular initiative saw some 150 vehicles show up for the first screening, which played the Oscar-winnning South Korean film Parasite. Showings were even sold out for a few days since its launch. 

Cars were obediently parked at least two meters apart, with a maximum of two people per vehicle. Movie-goers were under strict instruction to keep their windows shut and to stay in at all times. So bring your own popcorn!

Anna Kroupina

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