Extreme Social Distance Dining: Eating Alone In A Field In Sweden

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Photo credit: Bord för En via Facebook

Everyone is inventing novel ways of following strict pandemic rules and still being able to enjoy some of life’s pleasures. Like a good meal. A glass of wine. And no washing up. 

Two entrepreneurial Swedes have opened a restaurant in the middle of a field, in the middle of nowhere. With one table. For one. 

Bord för En – whose name literally translates to Table for One – offers a unique dining experience for a single guest.

There are no waiters. A pre-set menu offers three courses which arrive in a picnic basket hanging from a rope. An intricate pulley system is controlled from a kitchen window about half a kilometre away. Only one guest is served per day, so the owners can thoroughly sanitize everything between diners. 

The restaurant, which opened in the small town of Ransäter in western Sweden's Värmland County on 10MAY, was dreamed up by Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson. 

The couple wanted to promote social distancing, while also combating the perceived social awkwardness of dining alone.

Persson, a trained chef, carefully curates the seasonal menu. Diners can enjoy traditional Scandinavian delicacies like Swedish-style hash browns, seaweed caviar, carrot-ginger puree, sweet corn croquettes, and, for dessert, ginned blueberries and iced buttermilk.  

Bord för En is already fully booked through the entire month. The current plan is to end the project on 1AUG, but Persson and Karlsson say they're considering extending the experience and adding performance elements such as a concert in the woods.

Anna Kroupina

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