Spain’s Strict Beach Schedule: Four-Hours & Vamoose!

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

British beachgoers will be in for a shock this summer as southern Spain seriously considers strict time limits on their all day layabouts. 

In an effort to control the notoriously overcrowded beaches, the Andalusian government is urging officials in the Costa del Sol region to enforce four-hour maximum stays either in the morning or the afternoon. 

We wish them good luck trying to get a well oiled group of Brits to calmly give up their place in the sun.

With many of the region’s beaches expected to fully re-open next Monday, regional governments have devised some creative measures to keep beach numbers under control.

The beach in the town of Fuengirola, for example, is installing sensors on lamp posts to monitor how many people are on the beach. Sand seekers can then use an app to check which areas of the coast are busiest.

Fuengirola boasts to being the first to use an artificial intelligence system to keep the numbers down.

Other beaches are suggesting sunbathing squares and restricted areas to ensure social distancing continues.

Anna Kroupina

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