Proof Of Love Required For Danes To Reunite With Sweethearts

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

For Danes and their foreign lovers, reunions are now allowed - if they can prove a 6 month pre-pandemic relationship. 

Those dating for 5 months are apparently out of luck.

As Denmark relaxes border restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, it's allowing the significant others of Danish citizens to enter from neighbouring countries. 

"In order for a sweetheart to be allowed to enter Denmark, proof must be provided that the relationship has had a certain duration, basically six months," the Danish National Police website states.

"Sweethearts must have met regularly in person. Accordingly, sweethearts whose relationship has been based merely on written and phone contact are not deemed to have a worthy purpose under the current entry restrictions.

"Foreigners can freely choose the extent and nature of the proof that they prefer to show to substantiate the relationship with their sweethearts in Denmark."

Danish police say lovebirds can present "love letters or photos" as proof of their amorous entanglements. 

This proof requirement is ruffling some feathers in Demark.

Following privacy concerns, authorities are updating the law to require only a signed declaration as proof of a qualifying relationship.

"There may be some situations where extra control is needed from the police, but as a starting point, it is enough to sign this statement," Danish Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup said on Monday.

"If it turns out that 500,000 German partners suddenly come to Denmark, then you might say, 'There are probably some who are cheating with the rules."

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