No Walls, No Problems: Artists Create Open Air Hotel Rooms

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Aah... fresh air. What better way to get a good night’s sleep?

A couple of Swiss artists are taking that idea to its extreme by eliminating all obstructions to the healthy outdoors: A deluxe hotel bed in the middle of the Alps. 

The project gives ‘a room with a view’ a whole new meaning.

“Zero Real Estate” is an open air “hotel room” concept with seven locations in eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Guests “perform” (without an audience) by spending the night in a double bed with no walls, no ceiling, just a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. 

The experience also includes the services of a white-gloved “modern butler” (a local farmer in jeans and Wellingtons), who serves a breakfast prepared with local products.

And if you thought that you can't put a price on nature, think again. The experience costs 295 Swiss francs a night (about CA$413).

Created by twin brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin and partner Daniel Charbonnier, the Zero Real Estate project aims to shatter traditional approaches to hospitality in countries known for their luxurious mountain and lakeside resorts.

“The idea is that with ‘Zero Real Estate’, we make others the performers by performing the concept of real estate without hotel rooms,” Frank Riklin said during a preview.

“The room without a wall and roof also shows a kind of liberation. There is probably no other place to enjoy a better ventilated room than this during summer in Switzerland,” Patrik Riklin said. Just the birds and the bees, and ventilation...

If it rains, guests can retreat to standby shelters in local farmhouses or barns.

What about when nature calls?

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