Masked Masterpieces: Museum Paints Masks On Classic Figures

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Credit: The Fitzwilliam Museum.

When a UK museum was forced to close its doors, the donations it normally received from visitors dried up. So it came up with an innovative solution by putting a modern spin on some of their most iconic masterpieces.

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, eastern England, is showcasing artworks with the subjects wearing current in-vogue face masks, tailored to suit the style of each painting.

In John Everett Millais' "The Twins" painting, subjects Kate and Grace Hoare are donning floral-printed face covering as they prepare for an outing with their greyhound (sans-mask).

Meanwhile, in Titian's "Venus and Cupid with a Lute-player" (1555-1565), Venus lays naked clad in nothing but a red face mask, and even little Cupid took enough care to wear a miniature face covering. 

Credit: The Fitzwilliam Museum.

The reimagined artworks, part of the museum's "Fitzwilliam Masterpieces 2020 Edition", are being sold as greetings cards to support the museum through its closure.

Luke Syson, the museum's director, said he hoped the pictures will provide some light relief, writes CNN.

"These doctored versions of some of the Fitz's great masterpieces wittily reimagine their protagonists as living at this moment. What a difference to our understanding of their actions and interactions the addition of a face-cover makes," Syson said in a statement.

"But perhaps they make a serious point too -- of how we expect to greet one another with hugs and kisses -- and how much changes when that's not possible. At least we can still laugh together. That's not changed. And I hope these might help,'' he added.

If masterpieces can rock face masks, so can we!

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