Home Sweet Home In Dash 8 Fuselage

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Credit photo: The Tiny House Guys via Facebook.

There’s no place like home, even if it is decommissioned aircraft fuselage.

Australia’s The Tiny House Guys’ motto should be ‘waste not, want not’. And leftover fuselage is their latest canvas for creating a super small home on wheels - complete with a functioning aircraft door and emergency exit signs. 

This house in particular, aptly nicknamed "Aero Tiny", is built on a section of a Dash 8 twin prop training aircraft that had been decommissioned, according to The Tiny House Guys, spearheaded by father-son duo Rick and Mitch Keel. 

The unit has kept some of the features from its jet-setting past, including the familiar cylindrical windows we're so fond of looking out of. 

But otherwise, the tiny home has been revamped into a minimalistic yet modern living space. 

Credit photo: The Tiny House Guys via Facebook.


The interior features white walls and furniture that contrasts the grey floors and sofa bed.

For outdoor lounging, The Tiny House Guys included an extended side deck that comes with detachable hand rails. The home is powered in part by solar energy, and the shower and sink source water from Aero Tiny’s own water tank.

All told, the home is a cozy 130 square feet, not including the 35 square feet side deck.

The tiny house was sold in MAY to an owner who will be using it as an Airbnb unit.

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