Homeward Bound: Hamster Hoping To Bum A Ride

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Wanted: AB to NL trucker. Must be okay with rodents. 

The coronavirus travel restrictions have put Pebbles the hamster in a rather difficult predicament. 

Photo credit: Sophie Lawson via CBC

Her human, Sophie Lawson, is moving back home from Calgary to St. John's after the pandemic put her schooling on hold, and poor Pebbles is in a transportation jam.  

Sophie will be catching a flight back to Newfoundland, but despite having a special hamster carrier purchased especially for such a journey, neither Air Canada nor WestJet will allow Pebbles in the cabin.

Flying cargo, Pebbles would have to spend an extended layover in Toronto or Montreal, and the Lawsons fear for her wellbeing, worrying that time or temperature might do her in before she reunites with Sophie.  

A cross-Canada road trip is also out of the question, with so many inter-provincial travel restrictions remaining in place.

"We didn't think it would be that difficult to move a hamster that weighs a couple of ounces home, but there's no way to get her back here," said Sophie's mother, Kim Lawson.

So the Lawsons are appealing on her behalf, posting on social media in the hopes a big-hearted trucker who wouldn't mind a small companion.

"They don't need to get out and get walked, for pee breaks or any of that craziness. She could literally just hang out on a seat, with some shade," said Kim, adding Pebbles' travelling carry case comes equipped with a water supply and food.

Pebbles might even provide some welcome companionship on what's a long, lonely drive. 

"She's a very social little hamster," Kim said. "It's not like she's a fearful creature that's going to hide in the corner underneath her food bowl."

As their pleas on social media continue, the Lawsons fear confronting an alternative option: rehoming little Pebbles.

"It's not the option I want to go with," said Kim.

Fingers crossed for a rodent reunion!

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