Quarantined Cruise Performer Transforms Into Paper Bag Fashionista

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(l) Perrie’s “Origami Diva” design. Photo credit: Ashleigh Perrie via Instagram
(r) The “Bag-erina.” Photo credit: Asheligh Perrie via Instagram.

Cruise ship performer Ashleigh Perrie has spent a lot of time in quarantine since the coronavirus pandemic hit, first for 60 days on a Holland America ship, followed by  two weeks in a hotel room as she self-isolated after returning to her hometown of Perth, Australia.

Three times a day, hotel staff would leave meals in brown paper bags outside her door. Before long, she'd accumulated a sizeable batch and an idea began to form… 

To keep her mind active and engaged during this solitary time, Perrie got creative and was inspired to design  fashionable outfits out of the paper bags.

Her first creation was a tutu, which she dubbed the "Bag-erina", complete with a headpiece and "embroidered" front. These were followed up with a tennis outfit that included a racket, wristbands and visor which she called "The Maria Paper-pova", a runway-ready getup she named "Queen Quarantina" and the "Origami Diva" elegant ballgown, and others. 

"I am usually quite a creative person, I love doing art and I studied art for a bit -- and obviously we have a lot to do with costuming and design within the theater industry and within the dance scene -- so I do love making bits and pieces," Perrie told CNN Travel.

"But I think just the paper bags that kept coming and coming were really the inspiration."

Besides the paper bags, she crafted the garments using basic accessories she could get her hands on -- napkins, biodegradable containers and disposable cutlery – all stitched together using a pair of scissors, sticky tape and a roll of cotton. 

Perrie said she appreciated the time to herself to come to terms with the situation -- and her artistic outlet made the time fly by.

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