WestJetters Use Empty YVR For Massive Dance Party

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Some airports, standing empty, closed and lonely during the COVID-19 shutdowns, are being turned into drive-in movie theatres. 

Others, like Vancouver's YVR, are transforming into mass dance halls. 

A video posted to YouTube shows a physically-distanced, mask-clad crew of WestJetters burst into an impressively coordinated dance number in the empty airport.

"It was probably my greatest achievement so far," Carlos Lobao, who coordinated the video and team of 60 WestJetters, joked to Narcity.

The video starts with announcements playing over an intercom reminding people to practice social distancing, accompanied by visuals of the empty airport. A WestJet worker is seen shaking his head at a pitiful, near-empty flight departures board.

Suddenly, beats of Meghan Trainor's "Me Too" start blaring and the man turns to see a stream of WestJetters walking into the departure bay.

The video takes a merry turn as the WS staff perform a flash mob inside the airport, outside by the runway and even in front of a WS Boeing 737-800 to a medley of music by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's hit "Rain on Me" and Magic System's "Magic in the Air."

Lobao said they trained for hours in preparation, and it was a fun experience that helped cheer up the staff, many of whom were out of work over the pandemic.

"People just messing around with each other. It's a pretty good experience," he said. "Everybody was happy."

Anna Kroupina

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