Surprise! Qatar Pax Receives $28 Million Refund

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

For those consumers fighting with airlines to get a refund for their cancelled flight, receiving $28 million would definitely fall into the realm of too good to be true. 

For Qatar Airways passenger JessicaTam, that fantasy became a reality when she discovered over AU$28 million on her credit card balance.

Tam had booked return Qatar Airways Business class flights from Jakarta to London. Like most flights, they were cancelled due to COVID-19 and a refund was processed.

But somewhere along the way, a currency snafu inflated her return by 10,000 times what she paid.

“My account is now showing as $28,179,789 available balance. Can anyone suggest a small country I should purchase?” Tam posted on Australian Frequent Flyer.

The refund she applied for was less than $3,000. 

AFF explains that the refund was quoted in Australian Dollars, but processed in Indonesian Rupiah (a costly mistake, given 1 Australian dollar is worth almost 10,000 rupiah!).

Unfortunately for Tam, the gravy train didn't last long, as her bank statement was corrected the following day.

Anna Kroupina

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